We have worked with Sergio on numerous high level projects. His ability to visualize concepts through storyboards has proven invaluable to our production process and he is a pleasure to work with.- Brandon Grande, Producer Westernized Productions
Our project had unique needs that many traditional comics artists were unable to meet. Sergio and his team were a relief to work with. They were good with deadlines, and on the rare occasion when things needed to get pushed, Sergio was always sure to communicate well in advance so we could adjust our schedules accordingly.I would happily work with Storyboard Art LLC again, there are not many teams out there that can do what these guys do: affordable, reliable, and quality all in one.- Daniel Burwen, Creative Director, Cognito Comics
Sergio is the closest thing to a Renaissance man we’ve seen. Sergio was critical for all our linear storytelling moments, including storyboarding and doing the final editing to the original Dark watch trailer, which introduced Jericho and Dark watch to the world.- Farzad Varahramyan Art Director, High Moon Studios



I am a graphic artist working in animation, TV, video games, and film. I specialize in working with many traditional and digital mediums to produce high quality artwork at especially quick turn arounds.  I am comfortable with the high pressure studio environments as well as being able to manage a team of artists to get the job done.  Because of my passion for visual storytelling I do consulting for media companies as well as training workshops through www.StoryboardArt.org.

For job inquiries and availability please contact me here.






Highmoon Studios

Animagic Studios

Operation Ajax- Cognito Comics

The Clone Wars Animated Series- Lucasfilm

The Clone Wars Movie- Lucasfilm

The Three Wise Men- Animagic Studios


Live Action Film

Little Boy- Metanoia Films

Jonah Hex- Warner Bros.


Video Games

Iron Phoenix- Sammy Studios

Darkwatch: Curse of the West- Sammy Studios


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