Art Showdown: Modern Ninja










We’re having an art fest with another buddy.  Here’s my take on a ninja.

New storyboard book this October

Well what do you know, my new storyboard book with Anson Jew is already on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Barnes and Noble:

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Im gonna make a short film – bout time huh?

My days of talking shit will continue on, but I though I might put my money where my mouth is for once.  I started pre- production on a live action/animation hybrid.  Continue reading »

Sketches From A Recent Film Shoot

I had a unique opportunity to be on the movie set of a film I worked on last summer.  I can’t show all the images yet, but here are some sketches I made of the crew and location.  Continue reading »

Beautiful Day in Dolores Park

It felt like 80 degrees in San Francisco.

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A new website for 2012

Thanks for visiting.  A site update was long overdue.

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